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Clearwater's Greenprint 2.0
Being Green, Saving $


In 2011, Clearwater Greenprint, the City's sustainability plan, was adopted through the help of many residents, businesses, and city staff members. Clearwater Greenprint created a vision to make the city of Clearwater a vibrant community for current residents and future generations. In 2021, Clearwater Greenprint 2.0 was adopted to advance that vision.  You can view Greenprint 2.0 here: Greenprint 2.0 

Greenprint Sustainability.png

Saving $ with Energy Efficiencies

Starting in 2022, the city approved a new partnership with Cenergistic to reduce the city’s energy bill by an estimated $8 million over 5 years.  Of course, energy savings will help deliver CO2 emission reductions as well.

Saving $ with generating our own energy

The city is in the process of installing/planning solar on city buildings, to lower electric bills and reduce emissions.  Clearwater has recently received grants that will help deliver an estimated $6-9 million in savings.   Here is a quick summary of the solar projects that are planned/in progress:

  • Imagine Clearwater / Coachman park 

  • Fire stations - new/existing fire stations  

  • Solar study - A city wide analysis was recently completed to determine which existing buildings the city should prioritize for solar.  New solar installations are planned to start Q4 2023.

Savings for Residents, Businesses, Churches, non-profits

As of the end of Q2 2023, over 1,500 solar installations have been completed and/or permitted in Clearwater.  Trinity Presbyterian Church is a recent example, installing one of the largest solar arrays in Clearwater.  All solar installations reduce demand on the grid, lower energy bills, and reduce pollution.  The 1,500+ installations are reducing emissions equivalent to 2 million gallons of gasoline annually, and nearly $3 million in estimated savings on their energy bills.

Tips and resources

Solar costs have fallen significantly over the last 10 years, but like any home related purchase, home owners should become educated on:

  • What is a good price?  You should always ask and get a quote with $ per watt price.

  • Get multiple quotes to compare.

  • Check references for installers.

  • If you are looking to finance, get educated and fully understand financing terms and any additional charges that might increase the total cost of your purchase.

  • Solar United Neighbors is a great resource.  They have run many co-ops in the Tampa Bay area, including Pinellas/Clearwater.  

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