Hot Topics - Heads Up

At the July 12 Work Session we had a presentation by Sol Haroon.  Mr. Haroon is an Electrical Engineer and a consulting instructor at the Georgia Institute of Technology and in sustainable architecture and renewables.  Mr. Haroon spoke to the Council on the U.S. energy sector. Here is his presentation  Mr. Haroon's Energy PP.    


Because Clearwater will soon be adopting our updated Environmental/Sustainability Plan - Greenprint 2.0 - I believe it's critical that we understand where we stand with energy consumption/production and what the future looks like as we  move forward and set renewable energy goals.   You can access a copy of Greenprint 2.0 DRAFT FORM here: Greenprint 2.0 Draft


Drew Street and residents' demands for safety improvements is gaining momentum.  There are a number of residents who are asking for reduced speed limits and stricter enforcement prior to or in conjunction with planned improvements/reconfiguration.  There is a dashboard here about road projects: Pinellas County Road Projects  This is information from Forward Pinellas. 


There is additional information here from Forward Pinellas (If you care about our roads/safety - please get informed): Forward Pinellas List of Priorities.  I will keep people informed about scheduled community meetings.

At the July 12 Work Session I will be proposing to our Council that we put a table outside our council meetings where we can distribut key city documents/information - (and have my monthly newsletter available) and our My Clearwater Magazine - voter registration information etc...  I think it will send the message that we really value and encourage community engagement.  I hope they'll agree that it's a good idea.  

I'm researching municipality dashboards with the intention of proposing that our city utilize them - both at the department level as well as the city as a whole.  Dashboards are a great way to communicate about goals we set and progress we make.  Goals can be set related to a number topics - for example: number of affordable housing units built per year; our recycles contamination level; our carbon emissions; solar installations in the city; number of pedestrian fatalities; sidewalk repair rate,  number of minority owned businesses, and number of new businesses in Clearwater.  These are just a few of the things I, and many residents who speak with me, care about.  Let's set goals and develop strategies and resources to reach those goals and report on how we are doing.  You can learn more about Dashboards here: Municipal Dashboards

The Council will soon begin work to update the City's Strategic Plan.  Here is a link to our current plan: Strategic Plan.  I believe it is lacking in any focus on environmental stewardship, for example.  I hope we can do better.  Here is a link to Pinellas County's Strategic Plan, as a comparison.  

Clearwater's Planning and Development Department is leading an update of the city's Comprehensive Plan.  The Comprehensive Plan details the long-term vision and future direction of our community.  It sets priorities and outlines strategies for orderly and balanced growth through economic, social, physical, environmental and fiscal development of the city.  Please particiapte in community outreach related to this initiative.  Find out more here: Clearwater Comprehensive Plan 2045 

Finally - our downtown is roaring back to life!  We have live entertainment and new restaurants and store fronts.    Check out great events here: The District   If you're interested in opening a business downtown - or becoming more involved - check out some of the grant opportunities we have in our downtown CRA: Clearwater Downtown CRA

Kathleen Beckman